Grit ‘n’ Grace Intern “Job” Description

 From Amy:

I’ve gotten the best training from working with women in the trenches in every professional area of my life. When I was teaching, I learned much more from other mentor teachers than I ever learned in a college class. In ministry, I’ve learned the most by working alongside other women in ministry with more experience than I have.

That’s why I’m particularly excited to offer hands-on training to other women in ministry! Are you called to speak and write? Cheri Gregory and I are seeking interns to help us with our new Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast. It’s growing, and we’re quickly seeing that we can’t do it all ourselves.

Here’s what’s NOT required:

  • Prior experience or knowledge of podcasting.
  • Living near us. Work will be done remotely. (Cheri and I actually live on opposite coasts. Yeah for technology!)

Here’s what IS required:

  • A deep love for Jesus and His people.
  • Work ethic.

For more information about the podcast itself:

The Grit ‘n’ Grace internship is an un-paid position, but you’ll receive top-notch speaking & writing training in return for hours worked. I hope that I’ll be able to connect with some of you!

From Cheri:

We are seeking interns who can fill the following roles.

1) Social Media Coordinator — We’re looking for someone who loves all things Social Media to develop a schedule for consistently sharing Grit ‘n’ Grace’s offerings and coordinate the Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook Managers.

2) Instagram Account Manager — This intern will run our Instagram account for both the podcast and Exhale book launch. We’re looking for someone who is already Instagram savvy.

3) Pinterest Account Manager — This intern will run our Pinterest account for both the podcast and Exhale book launch. We’re looking for someone who is already Pinterest savvy.

4) Facebook Manager — This intern will run our Facebook page and group for both the podcast and Exhale book launch. We’re looking for someone who is already Facebook savvy.

5) Exhale Launch Team co-leader — This intern will help run the Exhale launch team. Training will be provided.

6) Audio editor — These interns (we’re praying for 2!) need to be tech savvy and be comfortable editing audio files using GarageBand. We’ll give ample training re: how to edit a Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast episode.

7) Virtual Assistant — This intern will assist with a variety of tasks for Grit ‘n’ Grace, Cheri Gregory, Amy Carroll, and/or Next Step Coaching Services. Tasks may include: responding to emails, record-keeping (via Excel, Trello, Google Docs, etc.), moderating blog post comments, blog post updating & content audit (via WordPress), managing give-aways, scheduling appointments, setting up emails to various email lists (via ConvertKit), etc.

8) Transcriptionist —This intern will transcribe Grit ‘n’ Grace episodes.



10 hours of work per month = 1 hour of coaching with Amy (speaking coach) or Cheri (writing coach) each month


Participation in Kathi Lipp’s monthly group intern training


Link to Application:


P.S. If you’re interested, go ahead and fill out the application. IGNORE the voice that says, “You’re not qualified” and/or “Everyone else has already applied.”

Fill out the application, and let’s see how God leads!