It’s important to end well, but it’s tricky. As women, we don’t like to feel like we’re quitters, so we often hold onto things too long. But what about jobs, roles, and circumstances that are just for a season? How do we end those well? In this touching episode, Cheri and Amy discuss markers of an ending season, hard decisions, and learning how to end with excellence and grace.

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Recommended Resources

  • The quote from today’s episode: “Lord, give me this or something better” is an adaptation of Priscilla Shirer’s — “Lord, please do this … or do something better!”

Your Turn:

  • Is there something in your life that feels like it’s coming to an end?
  • What would it look like to quit before it gets bad?
  • What is the advantage to learning to embrace seasons of circumstances and ending well?


Episode #258 Transcript — COMING SOON!

Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll is gathering a community of women with tender hearts and strong voices, equipping godly women to speak up for what matters in godly ways.

Amy’s committed to opening up her whole life– the good, bad and ugly—to teach what she’s learned in pursuit of applying God’s Word.  She loves teaching Scripture in all its unvarnished glory, while sharing God’s big truths in small, understandable bites.

Traveling the world and hearing how God works in women who attend her events makes Amy’s heart swell with joy. As founder and speaker coach of Next Step Coaching Services, providing one-on-one training for Christian speakers and writers, Amy delights in helping other speakers birth their own messages.

You can find Amy in North Carolina on any given day texting her adult kids, typing at her computer, hanging out with her hunky husband, or trying to figure out one more alternative to cooking dinner.

Connect with Amy thru her website, on Facebook, and via Instagram.

Cheri Gregory

Through scripture and story-telling, Cheri Gregory delights in helping women draw closer to Jesus, the Strength of every tender heart.

Cheri is the co-leader of Sensitive & Strong: the place for the HSP Christian woman to find connection. And she’s the founder of Write Beside You coaching for HSP Christian writers, coaches, and speakers.

Cheri speaks locally and internationally for women’s events and educational conferences. And she’s the coauthor of five books: You Don’t Have to Try So HardOverwhelmed, and An Abundant Place (with Kathi Lipp); Sensitive & Strong (with Denise J. Hughes); and Exhale (with Amy Carrol).

Cheri and her college sweetheart, Daniel, have been married for over three decades; they’ve spent the last 15 years living and serving on the campus of Monterey Bay Academy on the central California coast. 

You can connect with Cheri thru her website, on Facebook, and via Instagram.

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Grit ‘n’ Grace — The Podcast

Episode #258: Why Learning How to Quit Good Things is a Vital Life Skill



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