It’s a loss that’s so common that it’s often tragically overlooked. Whether you’ve personally So many of us struggle to know what to say and do when someone we know is hurting. That feeling of helplessness can multiply when it involves the loss of a child. In this second episode with Rachel Lewis — author of Unexpecting — she helps us all to become more grief literate. Rachel not only explains practically how we can help others in their grief but also how to manage our own better. This is an episode that we all need in a pain-stricken, broken world.

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Your Turn

  • What is a way you can make a person in grief feel more seen or heard?

  • How can your give yourself more grace in the decisions you make in the midst of grief?

    How will you plan ahead for grief (either your own or someone else’s) in this holiday season?


  • Episode #240 Transcript — coming soon!

Featured Guest — Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis is the founder of Brave Mamas, an online community offering support to thousands of bereaved moms. Rachel is a well-known contributor to Still Standing magazine and Pregnancy After Loss Support. She’s the creator of Unexpecting: A 4-Week Grief Workshop for Pregnancy Loss for couples…..

Rachel’s work and family have been featured by the Today show, Upworthy, AdoptUSKids, and Babble. Rachel has experienced the loss of five pregnancies, as well as the unique grief of reunifying a foster son with his birth family.

You can connect with Rachel at her website, via Instagram, and on Facebook!

To Sponsor a child through Compassion International:

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Episode #240: Real Talk about Pregnancy Loss — Part 2

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