Even as we sing about “heavenly peace,” we recovering people-pleasers, perfectionists — and those of us who are Highly Sensitive People — can struggle not to over-react to circumstances we can’t control. (You knew “The C Word” had to make an appearance!)

In this episode, Amy and Cheri discuss practical ways to avoid “contact crazy” at Christmas, and they also unpack the “HSP Pivot” Cheri’s been practicing. They return to the truth that even when external circumstances are less-than-ideal, internal peace isn’t just possible—it’s a promise: a gift God offers each one of us.



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  1. No hate mail here! Love the four steps and I will for sure be implementing them starting today!! So true that we have no control over other people and I love that these steps do put the responsibility back on us to look to Jesus for help to improve us. Fantastic episode ladies!

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